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06 June 2011 @ 11:34 pm
60611 - Summertime, and the Living is Easy  
ok go - here it goes again

just when you think that you're in control,
just when you think that you've got a hold,
just when you get on a roll,
here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again
oh, here it goes again
i should have known,
should have known,
should have known again,
but here it goes again
oh, here it goes again

i've known about this song for quite a while, but was "reintroduced" to it the other day while watching ramona and beezus. (It was a pretty okay movie, and had an awesome soundtrack, but...eh. You just can't replace childhood memories. And uncle hobart was really sleazy, if you ask me.) this song fits those days when it feels as though school and real life is looming a little too close for comfort, or - like me right now - all those social invitations are drowning you in a whirlwind of new outfits and photo shoots and parties.

eliza doolittle - rollerblades

see you with a broken string, tell me what you really mean,
do you know what you want?
while beating up on yesterday, i was on my rollerblades
rolling on moving on

well, i've finally gotten out the rollerblades, and actually managed to balance on them without falling flat on my...behind...the other day. thus, this song seemed particularly appropriate for this seasonal mix, but then i found out that it actually refers to one of those really tough breakups. eh. whatever. it still fits.

the click five - catch your wave

hey girl, i wanna catch your wave
hey girl, i wanna drift away with you
hey girl, you've got an undertow
hey girl, hey girl, don't wanna let you go

oh man, so many memories when i listen to these guys. very tweeny and a bit dated now, but still one of those summery songs that are worth rocking it out to.

a fine frenzy - come on, come out

watching the sky, you're watching a painting
coming to life shifting and shaping
staying inside, it all goes, all goes by

a blanket unfolds, a blanket to lie
the pieces of gold, they light up your eyes
and now we're alone and now we're alive

very relaxing, as alyson sudol's voice always is. it kind of reminds me of a picnic for two, or just lying down in tall grass with your bestie and finding pictures in the clouds. it really makes me yearn for the old days when i got to spend more time with my friends and all you had to worry about was running out of stuff to do for the summer. phineas and ferb make it look so easy.

kelly clarkson - breakaway

wanna feel the warm breeze
sleep under a palm tree
feel the rush of the ocean
get onboard a fast train
travel on a jet plane far away
and break away

another blast from the past. i'm sure everyone and their brother has heard this one by now, but still worth a repeat.

the all-american rejects - move along

so a day when you've lost yourself completely
could be a night when your life ends
such a heart that will lead you to deceiving
all the pain held in your
hands are shaking cold
your hands are mine to hold

my best friend and i always used to choose this for our random karaoke sessions (you know, the kind with a hairbrush and imaginary audience). even years later, i can't help but go back to all-american reject songs when i need a boost of energy and rocking emotion.

yael naim - new soul

i'm a new soul
i came to this strange world
hoping I could learn a bit 'bout how to give and take
but since I came here, felt the joy and the fear
finding myself making every possible mistake

this song always gives me mixed emotions, but i have to admit that it does fit my mood for this particular summer.
anya marina - vertigo

the song you sing is sentimental
the song you sing is making me well
i like it, like it out of control
the song you sing gives me vertigo

i wasn't too fond of anya marina before, but recently i'm starting to develop a taste for her songs. that happens to me a lot. i listen to something once, reject it, and then, a few weeks later, play back the same track and fall in love immediately.

camera obscura - french navy

spent a week in a dusty library
waiting for some words to jump at me
we met by a trick of fate
french navy, my sailor mate

this was a song i just randomly downloaded for a road trip. it has this nice, sweet rhythm to it that reminds me of a book i read once, but can't place the title. i hate when that happens.

death cab for cutie - crooked teeth

it was one hundred degrees, as we sat beneath a willow tree,
those tears didn't care, they just hung in the air, and refused to fall, to fall,
and I knew I'd made a horrible call,
and now the state line felt like the Berlin wall,
and there was no doubt about which side I was on.

this band can do no wrong in my eyes. if you haven't listened to "i will possess your heart", go ahead and do it. it's stalkerish and romantic and longing all in one track.

great northern - houses

the end begins just as it starts
and leaves me wondering what we left behind
told me not to talk but please explain
my thoughts that float around my mind

for some reason, i automatically associate this song with twilight. i wasn't watching the movie or reading the book when i heard it, so *shrugs* just another byproduct of my crazy head. it's really awesome, though. don't let your hatred of bella swan make you skip this one. (i hate her too.)

hoobastank - the reason

i'm sorry that I hurt you
it's something I must live with every day
and all the pain I put you through
i wish that I could take it all away
and be the one who catches all your tears

i love, love, love this song. for two summers, i heard it at the local barn and couldn't put my finger on the title - and then someone sent me their copy, and i just totally fell all over again. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. and ageless.

matt and kim - daylight

we cut the legs off of our pants
threw our shoes into the ocean
sit back and wave through the daylight
sit back and wave through the daylight

i didn't like this one at first, but my bestie practically forced the earbuds on me and told me to give it a try. they're not so bad, once they grow on you - like fungus on white bread.

boys like girls - thunder

your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
do you know you're unlike any other?
you'll always be my thunder, and I said
your eyes are the brightest of all the colors
i don't wanna ever love another
you'll always be my thunder

this has been my earworm for the past week. love boys like girls.
weezer - island in the sun

when you’re on a golden sea
you don’t need no memory
just a place to call your own
as we drift into the zone
on an island in the sun
we’ll be playing and having fun
and it makes me feel so fine
i can’t control my brain

i prefer beverly hills by them so much better (listen to that one, if you haven't already), but this one isn't that bad either.

katie melua - just like heaven

you, soft and only
you,lost and lonely
you, strange as angels
dancing in the deepest oceans
twisting in the water
you're just like a dream
you're just like a dream

this was a recommendation from paperwitch (thank you so much!). I'd heard the original, but katie's voice adds so much more to this.

jason mraz ft. colbie caillat - lucky

boy i hear you in my dreams
i hear you whisper across the sea
i keep you with me in my heart
you make it easier when life gets hard

colbie caillat gets that summery beat down on her own, but when her and jason mraz come together, it's one complete summer island paradise. this was one of those "most played tracks" on my music player last summer, and seems like it's going to repeat its success this year.

noah and the whale - five years' time

oh well i look at you and say
it's the happiest that i've ever been
and i'll say  no longer feel i have to be james dean
and she'll say
yah well i feel all pretty happy too
and i'm always pretty happy when i'm just kicking back with you

one of my favorite discoveries courtesy of 8tracks. it has this nice, bouncy sort of beat to it that instantly has you bobbing along. just give it a listen and see for yourself.


house rules and notes.

comment before snagging.
recommendations are love.
if you don't like it, don't slam it. just turn and leave.

each song is uploaded on box. net so you can preview before you take. also, you can find this mix on my 8tracks here (not in exact order).

thank you.
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